July 21, 2012

Performance gap

Survey of what respondents say about their company

Survey of what respondents say about their company

The CEOs of some of the world’s top companies are aware of a performance¬†gap in their own operations, how good is your company?

  • Do you have a sustainable business strategy?
  • How well is it being implemented (what barriers are you facing)?
  • Do your employees “get it”?
  • Do your consumers understand it?
  • Do your suppliers help you achieve it?Do your investors applaud it?

GoJacaranda will work with you to be able to answer each of these questions confidently and positively.

By helping you to:

  • Set out what are the business risks and opportunities
  • Benchmark your position against competitors
  • Incorporate sustainability actions into your strategy and action plans
  • Generate a policy position and communicate it
  • Where necessary, develop constructive advocacy
  • Map who your important stakeholders are and then help you build relationships with them
  • Support any organisational change needed